" Welcome to our boutique, where every film is a tailor-made piece of creation, made with passion and commitment. "


DENZZO Brussels is an independent Belgian film production company raised in 2005 by producer Bea Catteeuw in association with producer Harre Slokkers, founder of DENZZO Amsterdam.

We produce TV, cinema, web films and radio with various objectives such as awareness, brand image enhancement, call-to-action, commercial and public service announcements. Our director's roaster presents talent of international standing as well as young blood, hungry to meet your creative needs. Our production team is surrounded by a network of experts (life shooting, vfx, animation) offering a flexible, reactive and professional film response to your most challenging storyboards.

  • Commercial

    Commercials are our core business. Starting from an idea, a visual or a storyboard, we provide with a director's treatment, a production planning and a budget.

    We take care of: video casting, location scouting, production management and coordination, production contracts for cast and locations, location permits and location management, production design and set dressing, fashion design, make-up, camera-, lighting- and grip equipment, sound recording on set, editing, colour grading, compositing, animation, special effects, voice casting, voice recording, sound design, music, sound mix, sound reports and final deliveries.

    Any requests?

    Please contact: bea@denzzo.be

  • Film

    Because our hearts beat for good stories and actor’s performance, we recently raised our fiction department and are currently co-producing our first feature film. Keep you posted.

    Any requests?

    Please contact: bea@denzzo.be

  • Line Production

    Following your request, we provide you with production services in Belgium and/or Holland, including: location scouting, casting, executive production, travel & hotel arrangements.

    Any requests?

    Please contact: bea@denzzo.be

  • Bea Catteeuw

    Senior Producer

    Hi, I gave birth to DENZZO Brussels in 2005, baby from DENZZO Amsterdam. In the late 80’ties, I obtained my Master in “film directing” at the Belgian Royal Film Institute RITCS. Then, I free-lanced for about 2 decades, consecutively being Casting Director, 2nd AD, 1st AD, Unit Production Manager and Line Producer to finally become Producer in 2002.

    With DENZZO Brussels, I produced over 200 awareness campaigns and commercials for Broadcast TV, cinema or web and the thing is: I love to produce because communicating through film is so powerful. Of course, I like to connect people, talented and skilled people, enthusiastic people, to get things done, to reinforce a brand, to promote a quality product, to create awareness, to make quality films. So, in advertising, my goal is to provide my know-how and enthusiasm for challenging scripts and dynamic brands. In the film industry, my goal is to produce or co-produce films with an added cultural, artistic and human value. In life, my goal is to be a reliable person one is happy to have met.

  • Harre Slokkers

    Senior Producer

    As Bea loves to tell it, I’m the “godfather” of DENZZO, launching its first activities in 1981 in Amsterdam. Why did I choose such a name? DENZZO stands for the Dutch notion: "Dag En Nacht Zaterdag Zondag Ook' meaning 'Day And Night Saturday Sunday Too", I found it quite representative of the job we do.

    Before raising DENZZO, I started in this business as RTV-producer for Lintas in Rotterdam. After two years I moved to Amsterdam to join Smits-Bates. Then I was asked to become Head of Television for FHV/BBDO, where I stayed for six years. Then I raised DENZZO, me as producer and three directors. One day, I was asked to direct some commercials for HIJ Fashion and from that day I directed for about 10 years, including award-winning commercials. Although I loved to direct, I felt the need to go back to producing which I did.

    Over the years, I produced over 800 commercials, for Holland, Germany and Belgium. I launched quite a few directors who became internationally acclaimed, like Tom Hooper to name but one. I also produced 130 episodes of a television play for children called the “Tuttels”. I enjoy life.

  • Noureddine Ait Benhiba

    Human Resources

    I’m the “Human Resources” man of the company and a continuous “talent hunter”. I graduated from the Brussels Film School INRACI as camera operator. Unfortunately, a car accident put an end to my camera career. So I redirected towards casting and for two decades I’ve been a free-lance casting director for commercials, casting actors, babies, models, acrobats, singers and dancers.

    Today, I support DENZZO’s scouting for new talent and service providers: dop’s, production crew, location management crew, camera, lighting and grip rentals, catering, set designers, stylists, make-up artists, you name it … …I’m your privileged contact!

  • Jeroen De Meyer

    Radio & Music Producer

    Hi, I’m the radio and sound expert of DENZZO. I graduated in 2008 from the Belgian Royal Film Institute RITCS as Sound Engineer. My area of expertise is audio production (radio, TV and cinema), voice casting, sound design and music production. I’m also audio producer at the Belgian VRT Radio commercials department. In Radio advertising, I believe in content first.

    With DENZZO, my aim is to make different radio, authentic radio, working with actors, getting the best out of their performance in a soundscape that reinforces the script. Definitely, I work tirelessly to give you the sound your message deserves and invest all of our resources to ensure you get the highest audio quality on the market.

  • Matthias De Bondt

    Production Manager