Born in Belgium M. Bond used to spend his youthful holidays at his grandparent’s old house in the London district of Mayfair, formerly known as the birthplace of Ian Fleming. While on a brave quest throughout the house, he stumbled upon a secret attic where he discovered hundreds of forgotten books, surrounded by dust, ranging from the macabre stories of E.A. Poe to the secret romances of Jane Austen. With a craving lust to read, he devoured them all and knew after that sleepless night he wanted to be a storyteller too, an observer of mankind.

Little did he know that film would be his way of showing the world what he wanted to tell.  Fascinated by the complexity of this world, his stories always originate from out-of-the-ordinary moments he feels, sees, reads or hears. Driven by the characters themselves, his stories mark his vision as honest and truthful. With a genuine thirst for understanding the world around him, he searches for beauty in the roots of realism, distinguished by an emotive and poetic style with an eye for subtlety and detail. This makes his love for advertising even more profound, where he can mould every film into a powerful piece of emotion and personality connecting the true self of every viewer to his images.

A cinematic poet to the core.