Born in Paris, Danish/ French director Caroline, began her career in cinema working as assistant director for Lars von Trier on The Idiots, Dancer in the Dark and Dogville.

Graduated as a film director from the Danish film school “Super 16”, Caroline has written and directed numerous award winning short films that have screened on film festivals as well as TV worldwide.

In 2015 she won the Danish Academy Award ‘ Robert’ for her mid-length fiction film LULU.

In 2013 Glasgow International Film Festival will do a retrospective of her work.

Her documentary film “She Sings” was the first experimental narrative documentary ever made in the Kingdom of Bhutan. “She Sings” toured Danish cinemas in the autumn of 2012, won the Jury’s special Award at Cinema Varite in Iran, and continues to tour festivals internationally.

Prior to her work in films, Cogez lived in London employed at MTV, and also graduated with a BA in sociology.

Sexuality and Gender are themes that Cogez are interested in her work as an artist. Music has also often been a central theme is in her work, and she has worked with bands as diverse as The Raveonettes, Peaches, Animal Collective and Bjørk.

Cogez interest in storytelling has also drawn her to working with narrative performances and installations at galleries around Europe and USA including IMO Copenhagen (DK) and Shoshanna Whayne Gallery in L.A. (US).

She has on several occasions collaborated with artist including Tal R, FOS, Superflex and Dorte Jelstup. In February 2013 she directed the art film ’The Working life’ for Superflex, opening at the Mead Gallery in London.

Caroline is also an internationally acclaimed commercial director with major clients including McDonalds, L’Oréal and Copenhagen Fashion Week to name a few.

She spends her time between Los Angeles and Copenhagen.