Denis is a Filmmaker, director and writer. He studied film directing at U.C.L.A. (Los Angeles). His last trilogy of short-films in a Fantasy genre (“The Faucet”, “Lazarus Taxon”, “Angel”) have been lauded with numerous awards from Festivals around the globe.

Denis defined his visual style first in the Spanish market by directing commercials for brands such as Banco Sabadell, Nestlé, La Caixa, F.C. Barcelona amongst others.

Denis joined Cream Directors in 2012 and since has expanded into the international field to shoot films for top brands for the USA, Germany, Russia, Mexico, Ukraine, Portugal, Hungary, UAE and South East Asia.

Denis has a unique style, comprising of sharp and subtle storytelling bringing natural beauty and character based stories together, without losing any sense of authentic charm and eye-twinkling moments.

Denis’s storytelling has a focus on emotional and feel-good-characters such as in his films for Nutrilon, Imunele, Coca-Cola, Pepsi/Tropicana, Lipton, Nescafé or Chudo; also realistic, more narrative and believable films as in Centro Sequoya, Nestlé Nido, Bayer Aspirin, Banc Sabadell or Vasc Country Government among others.  Denis’s sensitivity and naturalism with his actors translates across a range of styles as striving to bring out the best of each project. Upcoming films as Samsung, HP and the new Lipton open his reel to a more modern, technological and stylized approach.

Denis films won two Effie Awards and got shortlisted in Cannes Lions.

Denis is currently developing his feature film debut as a writer/director “The Influence”, an adaptation of the supernatural thriller book by Ramsey Campbell.