Jakob is, “yes!”, one of the most exciting Belgian directors to emerge from the current boom in breakthrough tele-vision dramas.

After graduating from the RITCS, the Belgian Royal Film Institute (RITCS), Jakob directed his remarkable first short film ‘Snap-shot’ for which he won several awards. He really established his career directing the highly crime series and spin-off feature “Code 37”, and also went on to direct the theatrically released feature length version of the series in 2011.

In 2012 Jakob directed BBC crime drama “The Fall”, starring Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan which was shown on BBC2 in 2013. It was described by the Guardian as “one of the best dramas” on the BBC in years. In 2015, Jakob has been chosen to direct the final two episodes of the fourth season of House of Cards. Verbruggen, whose credits include also BBC “London Spy“ along with episodes of the American remake of “The Bridge”, follows in the footsteps of David Fincher, Joel Schumacher, James Foley and Jodie Foster.

We are so proud he directed some commercials for DENZZO and hope he will be available soon to do some more.