Simon has an instinctive talent for using fascinating visual effects and strong performances to drive the narrative of his commercials, wholly engaging his audience in his work and the proposition he is selling.

It all started when his feature film ‘Lighthouse’ caught the eye of Saatchi and Saatchi’s Bob Isherwood at the New Directors Showcase in Cannes. Bob said: “few films demonstrate so effectively how tension gets attention. The tension is dynamic”.

After that and a few commercials, Simon directed his second feature film “The Mutant Chronicles”, a science fiction which tells the story of the world being taken over by mutated creatures. John Malkovich is playing one of the leading roles in this grant epic.

Back to some more commercials…

Today, Simon is filming in Jordan, Qatar and India, co-directing an epic science-fiction series, shot by Larry Smith. This fantasy 20-part tv show called “Medinah” is planned to be broadcast in Fall 2016. Looking forward to see you back Simon!