Spendser is a hillbilly born in the countryside only 9 km from the German border in the south of Denmark.

He grew up watching three German TV stations that carpet-bombed and stuffed his hungry heart with German and international advertising — not to mention tons of dubbed Bud Spencer, 007 and Star Trek. Yep, he’s seen a lot of TV out in the boonies and knows all of the ad slogans from ’78 – ’86. Before his brain became too damaged by loneliness, hunting rifles and pickup trucks, he fled the flat marsh-land and moved to a boarding school at the age of thirteen.

Braced with a VHS camera from 1986 and with the help of two friends, Spendser had his directorial debut at the school. He directed, filmed, and edited in camera a full-length film and consequently kick started a passion that has possessed him ever since.

Now, Spendser has several established years of experience as a director, even though the path that led him there was not straight at all. Quite the opposite in fact: two years in the military, two years as a schoolteacher, and three years teaching at a theatre school. He returned to his passion by spending thousands of hours as a production manager, assistant director, and as a researcher before he made his first commercial about a little robot that got kicked out of his home.

Spendser is a hybrid between Sargent Kickass and a sweet schoolteacher. He loves good humour, and loves to laugh and see the fun in even the most trivial everyday situations. For Spendser, a good commercial must have credibility, empathy and lots of subtle timing. Even his seemingly sloppy, handheld, documentary style film where a man gets a spear in his ass is carefully thought out and planned. Spendser entertains and tells stories about you and me — stories we can relate to.